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The WCRP Academy aims to advance climate science knowledge by promoting quality climate science training for all in a free catalogue. Our purpose is to increase accessibility to vetted training for early-career scientists and the Global South. The WCRP Academy targets climate scientists across all professional and career levels, with a special focus on the training needs of early career scientists and the Global South.


The WCRP Academy invites all research and expert groups, academic and research institutions, government agencies and non-government organizations who provide climate science training and education to register as a training provider and contribute to our online training catalogue. We welcome training opportunities that aim to improve the climate science literacy of communities, that require climate information in their operational or decision-making contexts. Including conferences, MOOC, Workshops, etc... Hybrid or online in any language.

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 When you register as a training provider, you can directly share information about your upcoming climate science training events and activities through our online training catalogue. Feature your training opportunities on our online training catalogue and reach our wide audience of climate scientists. 


Step by Step Guide

 Step 1: Register as a Training Provider
Step 2: Wait for Approval
Step 3: Upload your events, courses webinars and More! 
Step 4: The Academy will approve the publication of your event. 

Educational Goals

Through the various trainings, we would like to have climate scientists who would ideally be able to:

  • Understand and explain the essential principles of Earth’s climate system.
  • Possess the technical skills to be able to analyse and use available tools and methods, quantitatively as well as qualitatively.
  • Critically assess scientifically credible information about climate.
  • Communicate about climate and climate change with different societal groups and thus enable new applications of climate science.
  • Be able to provide expert advice to users of climate information for the making of informed decisions regarding climate change.

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