These recommended practices may already be met if your institution has national accreditation as a provider of vocational training or can demonstrate that it carries out its education and training activities in accordance with the requirements of ISO 29990:2010 or the WMO Competencies for Education and Training Providers—WMO-No. 1114.

  1. The institution ensures that its courses of instruction and educational resources are consistent with the standards and guidance materials issued by WMO. (e.g., WMO-No. 1316, WMO-No. 1310, WMO-No. 1287, WMO-No. 1271 and relevant competency frameworks)
  2. The institution uses training development processes that include determining learning needs, defining intended learning outcomes, choosing appropriate learning solutions, creating learning activities that aid learning and retention and conducting learning assessments.
  3. The institution delivers training with competent instructors and educational designers in terms of their scientific/technical ability and training expertise.
  4. The institution delivers training in an environment that is conducive to learning with adequate learning resources, buildings, ICT systems and training facilities.
  5. The institution has processes for measuring the effectiveness and quality of its education and training, including obtaining feedback from stakeholders.
  6. The institution has adequate arrangements for administration, governance, planning, staffing, continuous professional development of staff members, reporting and self-assessment.

QA Sign off for Individual Event Records

  1. The institution gathered information about the education and training needs of the target audience to guide development.
  2. The methods of learning were selected to respond to the aims and requirements of the curriculum, learning outcomes and the learners.
  3. Learning outcomes are defined and learning activities and assessment practices are consistent with them.
  4. The course or learning resources are up to date and relevant to the target audience.
  5. The course or learning resource assesses the learning of students and provides students with feedback.
  6. The institution provides a record of the education and training that has been successfully completed.

Alignment with the WCRP Strategic Plan:

The course or learning resources are aligned with one or more of the following objectives outlined in the WCRP Strategic Plan.

  1. To advance fundamental understanding of processes, variations and changes in the climate system;
  2. To predict the near-term evolution of the climate system; 
  3. To refine the ability to anticipate future pathways of climate system change; and 
  4. To support the development of theory and practice in the integration between natural and social sciences

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